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Complex Litigation

Attorney for Criminal Defense, Commercial Litigation,

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The Kratzig Law Firm offers experienced representation in complex litigation. We have been representing clients across the U.S. since 1971 Paul Kratzig is an experienced attorney committed to providing his clients with effective legal counsel.

He is a good listener and dedicates his time to understand his client's unique concerns and goals to create a tailored legal strategy.

About Paul Kratzig

Paul Kratzig is the founder of The Kratzig Law Firm in Corpus Christi. A graduate of the University of Texas Law School, Mr. Kratzig is a civil and corporate litigation attorney and criminal defense lawyer. With years of experience, he is one of the trusted names in the local legal community. He offers a personalized representation of both individuals and businesses in complex and high-stakes cases.

Mr. Kratzig began his practice as a Special Attorney in the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the United States Department of Justice. After leaving the Department of Justice, he continued with his practice and has represented clients throughout Texas and other states.

Paul Kratzig

Areas of Practice

Mr. Kratzig has defended clients for many years. Armed with our extensive experience in Texas state and federal courts and our dedication to protecting the rights of our clients, we will help you defend against criminal accusations, including Medicare/Medicaid fraud, business crimes, mail fraud, tax prosecutions, and other white collar crimes.

The firm has handled cases like

  • White-collar crimes (e.g., business crimes, health care fraud, mail fraud, securities violations, tax prosecutions, and others)
  • Environmental crimes (e.g., allegations of violations of MARPOL treaties and oil record book violations, pollution, toxic waste, and violations of the Endangered Species Act)

Note: the firm does not handle matters involving homicide, assault, burglaries, robberies, and/or family violence.

The Kratzig Law Firm holds a successful track record in resolving matters before litigation begins and, if necessary after the litigation is commenced.
General litigation includes disputes between any two or more parties, such as

  • Contract disputes
  • Business organization matters
  • Real estate disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Land title disputes
  • Insurance law disputes
  • Will contests
  • Civil rights claims

The Kratzig Law Firm represents business owners involved in legal disputes within their organization or other businesses. This includes,

  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership controversies
  • Issues over non-compete agreements

Paul Kratzig is a Corpus Christi oil and gas litigation attorney with years of experience in oil and gas exploration and development, making him an expert on legal disputes in the oil/gas industry. The issues can be about

  • Leases
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Well control or blowouts
  • Surface damage disputes

We offer representation services to

  • Exploration and development companies
  • Service companies
  • Surface owners
  • Mineral owners and others in the industry

To schedule a consultation, contact us at (361) 888-5564. Se habla español.